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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update from World Youth Day Pilgrims

Here is another update from Our Lady's Pilgrims

We walked over 100 km to get here but we finally made it to Compostela.

Seeing a small circle of light on the ground ahead when all around is darkness, beaming just enough to allow you to take the next step without falling (not necessarily without tripping)! The Camino of the soul reflected through a physical and tangible experience. What a treasure of reflection here! Our motto became "just one more mile" and in that we found our JOY,  reflected in those around us... What a grace to be able to pray near one who walked with Jesus Himself. Santiago is beautiful and all of you, family and friends, remain in our hearts everyday. Love, Katie

In Coria (hopefully my future home), we were able to see a glimpse of the table cloth that is said to have been used, along with the shroud of Turin, at the last supper. Here in Compostella, we had the privilege to celebrate Mass at the tomb of St. James who as we all know was at the Last Supper.  This reminds me that it is at the "table" that we come together and reflect, talk, and communion with our families. We have been together for most of our meals and have come together as family- God's family realizing that we are all part of the mystical body of Christ!

Blog from Rachel or in Latin, Rachelem!  Santiago de Compostella is amazing.  We have finished the second part of our pilgrimage: part A was Fatima and such, part B was the sacrificing Camino, part C will be World Youth Day!  As Father Scott said, we are going quickly from solitude to solidarity . :)  Miracles and miracles keep happening for us.  Every church Father says Mass in; every alberque we stay in; people are at the right place at the right time for us.  (It did involve running through Spanish streets a few times....). The Camino really was beautiful.  I told Ada that we would hate whoever planned it, IF we had no purpose, which luckily we did.  :). And Masses both in the Cova da Ira AND on the altar in the crypt of St. James' tomb???  It is the blessing of a lifetime, this trip.   Intentions for you all are in our hearts, at everywhere we go; a special prayer today was for my son-of-thunder bro James.  :). We are all very happy but sometimes it takes a while after 4:30 wakeup calls for a week. :). Oh and it was a sight to behold when we first saw the Cathedral of St. James.  I think our smiles permanently stretched our faces :).  Our community morning Rosary and silence (for two hours:)), and night Liturgy Prep are very beautiful.  Last night we had a very intense discussion about whether or not God has favorites.  We concluded that it was not true that He has favorites, only that He does have very seeable patterns of Divine Election.  Besides, as in the cases of the Israelites and our Lady, they were chosen especially, for US to have the ultimate benefits.  So that was cool...  And also, today, Dorothy figured out that us Americans have the Faith because of St. James.  St. James, to the Spanish missionaries; Spanish missionaries, to the Americas.  Cool, right?  It's also really cool here because I am understanding more and more Spanish in passing conversation.  The people here have a very graceful little lisp for various s, z, and c sounds.  Okay, I had better stop  :). Love and tons of prayers to you all!  Did you know that here, goodbye is...