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Friday, August 19, 2011

Pray for Priests - Become a Missionary of Mercy

Missionaries of Mercy

We want to do something to make the world better and to make the Church holier.  Yet at times it easy to feel helpless in the face of it all.  What can I do?  What possible effect can I have on things?

The greatest work that the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished was offering in love his sufferings to the Father for our redemption.  Likewise, those who suffer, and we all have sufferings, can greatly help the work of redemption in the Church by offering their sufferings in union with the Eucharistic Sacrifice on behalf of priests and seminarians.

The Missionaries of Mercy are those persons who are called to be in spiritual union through their intercessory prayer with the seminarian and priest members of Our Lady’s Society. They are persons who come from any age and any vocational background who have and are suffering. The Word of God speaks to the Missionaries of Mercy in the prophesies of Isaiah. Sensing this membership as a call from God, the Missionaries of Mercy link each of their own particular sufferings with that of Jesus Christ, whom our Heavenly Father has asked to suffer for our salvation.

If you would like to become a Missionary of Mercy please contact:

Suzie ZookMissionaries of Mercy Coordinator
Susan Zook
PO Box 152
Robstown, TX 78380