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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two New SOLT Deacons for the Church

The following two SOLT brothers were ordained deacons today, Saturday, April 12, 2014 at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, in Detroit, Michigan, by Bishop Montforton.

Deacon Jeremy Davis, SOLT 

Deacon Beau Schweitzer, SOLT

In his rousing homily, bishop Montforton said that they are called to be deacons forever, not temporarily, but that they are configured to be servants of the people.

Deacon Schweitzer, in a heartfelt word of thanks, assured the people that, just as they had given Jesus Christ to the ordinands in their formation, so now in Sacred Diaconate, they would try to give Jesus to them in service.

In providing the Church with such servants, it is God's way of showing his people that he will continue to care and guide them.  We are very grateful for the gift of these new deacons.

Let us pledge to pray for them as they serve the Church.