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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rest in Peace: Fr Jack Purtell

Fr. Jack brought me back to the Catholic faith. Fr. Jack had a great ability to make people feel at ease - people wanted to be around him whether it was in Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and even South Dakota.  He had a loyal following.  I think it was due to his compassion and mercy and his being non-judgmental.  It didn't matter if someone was rich or poor, sinner or saint, what religion or race one was; if you were a drug addict or mentally ill.  He truly believed we were all God's Children. 

Fr. Jack was a great reader.  He had truly a brilliant mind!  Fr. Jack did not shy away from tough subjects or controversy.  He didn't come off as holier than thou… he understood weakness - he had his own battles, he understood pain in all of its forms: physical, emotional and spiritual.  He told me many times that he did not mind suffering because he offered it up to the Blessed Mother in hopes that others would not have to suffer so.  When I would complain of my trials and tribulations he would say "offer it up to the Blessed Mother and then your pain means something!!"  We do not have to suffer alone and it doesn't have to be for naught. 

-Karin Knolle
Justice of the Peace
Sandia, Texas