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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Harvest - First Newsletter from SOLT Belize Mission

Here is the first publication of the Harvest, SOLT's Mission magazine for the mission in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize.

Dear Friends of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, friends of SOLT, friends of the Benque-Belize Mission,

Peace be with you!

Welcome to the first publication of the Harvest!  Here serving in the mission we can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and the many needs of God’s people. Taking pause to reap the good things He has done is essential for us to not become discouraged and to not lose sight of the One who desires to serve in and through us. As well, in stepping back, we are reminded of the greater Body of Christ, and all those with whom we have communion, collaboration and support in the good works of God. We hope that The Harvest can be a way in which we can “gather”, in a sense, the goodness of God in His vineyard and the ways He has moved and reached His people. As with all good harvests, we wish to share these fruits with you – those who truly have participated in the sowing and nurturing in the lives of God’s people through your friendship, support and connection with Mount Carmel Parish and Mission.

Parish ministry never fails to encompass every aspect of life and hence a great number and variety of
Vicky received a scholarship
from mission benefactors
for her studies
ministries come into our lives here: some are spontaneous, others more organized, some are traditional while still others are creative and innovative. Always they bring us blessings and challenges at the same time. As collaborators, either through the support of friendship, of prayers or of finances (and often through all three means!) you are real contributors to the works we are challenged and privileged to do here. It is only right and just that you would know how your generosity is multiplied and transformed into concrete blessings in the lives of God’s people, and as well that you would know of the various and continuous needs they experience. I do be- lieve that the communion and connection with other people from other cultures and countries is extraordinarily enriching, and the satisfaction of knowing that one life has breathed a little easier due to one’s efforts is incomparable. You quite directly affect the lives and futures of a vast number of people through your connection with us alone. You help make Christ’s own personal love and concern present and palpable in individual lives by meeting the needs of “the least of his brothers”. You deserve to know it, to feel it, and to receive the Lord’s own gratitude for recognizing and finding Him in them.

Probably the most direct way we feel the blessing, goodness and beauty of God in the mission is in the many children we serve in our communities. They manifest to us pure, innocent, unabated JOY in their smiles. That payment alone is worth any effort and sacrifice! It is for that reason that we have them in our cover, for their smiles are the greatest symbol of the joy of the harvest!

May God bless and keep you, With gratitude,
Fr. Mark