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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movements of the Holy Spirit in Our Lady's Society

The following is an excerpt from a letter of our General Secretary, Fr Jerry Drolshagen, SOLT:

"We have arrived at a unique moment; a moment which is defined primarily by two aspects. The first is that SOLT has reached a turning point which happens in every new group. That is, a time comes in the life of every group when the Founder is no longer, practically speaking, the focus of unity and direction. His message, writings and spirit, of course, remain central, but, in fact, the task of running the Society gets handed over to others.  In every group this moment causes some dismay and confusion. Fundamental questions arise: How will we carry on? What exactly is the charism that Holy Spirit wanted to impart through the founder? What will the future look like? How can we make the vision practicable, make it work?

"A new Finance and Development Office has been established and is beginning to function effectively. With the establishment of Offices we can begin the long, hard task of making SOLT fiscally responsible and solvent. Along with this, efforts are being made to provide a sensible health-care program through which we will be able to take responsible care of our sick and elderly. Further, the American Region has begun the process of taking a global survey of its missions and personnel in order to plan for the immediate and long-term future.  Finally, a committee is being set up to examine the Constitutions in order to suggest what changes might be made in order that the governing and financial structures might best serve the Society as it has evolved until this point, with an eye to future growth and development."