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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fr Bob Cronin Receives Co-Elder of the Year Award from the Turtle Mountain Indian Tribe

Here are excerpts from an article which appeared in the Turtle Mountain Times, March 5, 2012 by Diana DeCoteau.  Many lay volunteers work every year at St Ann's Catholic Mission on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.

Father Bob Cronin has, been part of the community of St.Ann's parish for almost 16 years; in fact this July will mark his 16th anniversary in the Turtle, Mountains.
Father Bob is originally from Hartford Connecticut where he was born and raised.  Father Bob received all of his sacraments from St. Justin's in Hartford, where he was also ordained a priest.
After much prayer and contemplation and with the assistance from Father Jim Flanagan, a priest that founded the Society of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) Father Bob knew that he wanted to serve in a parish that served Our Lady.
At the time he was ordained Fr. Bob's father was in his 90's and his 'mother had just passed away 6 months prior to his being ordained; his father passed away 5 years later.  Father feels blessed to have had his parents for so long and that he received an orthodox education.  Father Bob has worked among the Native Americans for most of his 29 years as a priest. Father Bob's priesthood first took him Winslow, Arizona where he spent 2 years serving, After he left Winslow he served at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Holbrook, Arizona for one year and then in Crown Point, Arizona for three years which then took him to Hopi land in Arizona for another 7 years before coming to Turtle Mountain. On the 31st of this year Father Bob will be celebrating 29 years of his priesthood at the age of 79.

Father Bob commented, "It's been nice, the people up here are certainly welcoming and I have become good friends with many because of my association with those families," He also added, "It was a great honor to receive this award, I am sure there are people that are more deserving, but I accept it and thank the community that has chosen me for this honor."
With the Grace 'of God, Father Bob says he plans on staying healthy and plans on continuing his work at Turtle Mountain for as long as he can.  He is very happy to have seen the parishes grow throughout his years at St. Ann's 'and the other parishes.  Father Bob concluded with,
"My gratitude to God, my family, and to the people here, I am very happy being at Turtle Mountain." Father Bob plans on spending the rest of his life here he commented that although he can not foresee the future he has no plans of leaving here and the only way he would is if he were immobilized.  It is Father Bob’s wish to be buried among the people of Turtle Mountains.