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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apostolic Formation of SOLT Brothers in Seminary

Br Peter Shaffo and a student
Teaching the Catholic Faith
“We had all of our special needs group (ages 7-20) meet in a room for music. Each student got their choice of an instrument to play to participate in the activity. I've never seen such child-like joy in so many faces at once. For a few minutes, it was like being in Heaven with the angels and saints singing.”
-Br. Peter Shaffo
Br Rigsby praying before class
“Every time I teach them I see their eagerness and openness to believe. I also see the brokenness in their hearts. The Lord blesses me each time with an opportunity to help form them in His truth.”
-Br. John Rigsby
Brothers weekly encountering Jesus
‣  Instructing 49 children in the truth of our Catholic faith. 
‣  Preparing 16 teenagers for Confirmation. 
‣  Drawing 7 adults into the heart of the Church through RCIA. 
‣  Bringing the peace and joy of Christ to 20 persons in the
‣  Learning from and praying with 20 elderly in hospice care and the nursing home.
16 brothers and 2 vans
Br Michael Mary
We commute to the seminary. Different guys have different classes from morning to late night. Classes are rescheduled. Meetings are held. We teach and serve all over the diocese, each brother with his own schedule. Errands keep popping up.  Next year, hopefully we’ll have more brothers, and by then, this Brother could really use an additional van.  
-Br Michael Mary Coordinating Transportation of the Men