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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seminarians Update from Detroit

Greetings from your SOLT brothers in Detroit! During the third week of August of this year, all SOLT seminarians in both philosophy and theology began to arrive at Most Holy Redeemer Parish so as to begin their academic year at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. Our current parish at Most Holy Redeemer is in Mexicantown in the southwest section of Detroit. We have five SOLT priests in residence here: Fr. Dennis Walsh, Pastor of Most Holy Redeemer; Fr. Richard Klepac, Associate Rector; Fr. Brady Williams, Rector of the SOLT House of Formation; Fr. Peter Marsalek, Vice Rector; and Fr. Eduardo Montemayor. Fr. Eduardo is completing his STL degree in The New Evangelization. We reside here at Most Holy Redeemer in a very large rectory of more than twenty rooms. We SOLT members have been warmly welcomed by the Most Holy Redeemer Parish community as well as by the the priests, professors, staff amd seminarians of Sacred Heart Major Seminary. We are looking forward to a very busy, faith-filled and successful year of academics and ministry. Thank you for all of your prayers.

In Jesus and Mary,
Br John Mariano, SOLT