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Friday, October 14, 2011

Children Learn to Pray in the Month of the Rosary

The following is from the October 2011 newsletter for Our Lady's Montessori School in Kansas City, KS, run by SOLT sisters and collaborators.  Visit their website:

October is the month of the Holy Rosary! We will be making little finger rosaries, learning the Guardian Angel prayer and talking about St. Francis and his love for animals and nature. We will discuss Columbus coming to the Americas on Columbus Day.

Since it is cold/flu season, we will also be talking a lot about germs, washing our hands and other healthy habits to keep us from getting sick. We will be reminding each other to “Please, please catch that sneeze! Don’t let it get away!” 

To help learn problem solving we will talk about Tucker Turtle. Whenever something happens to Tucker Turtle he doesn’t like, he:

1.  Thinks “Stop”
2.  Tucks inside his shell and takes 3 deep breaths
3.  Thinks of an idea

This will help teach impulse control and give the children a helpful tool to remember to think about actions prior to reacting.
At the end of October, we will learn all about pumpkins and visit Faulker Pumpkin Farm! 

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