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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Lady's Pilgrims Trekking to Meet the Holy Father

Our Lady's Pilgrims in Coria, Spain
with Bishop Cerro Chaves of that city
A group of young SOLT pilgrims from Texas, who have set up a blog to chart their journeys called Our Lady's Pilgrims, have set out to trek across Portugal and Spain to meet the Holy Father at World Youth Day.  

They landed in Lisbon, Portugal on August 5th, quickly made their way to Santarem and Fatima where they had mass at the Cova da Iria chapel of the apparition, and participated in the candlelight procession in the evening.  They made their way to the SOLT mission in Calzadilla, Spain, hosted by Fr Vincent Albano, SOLT.  They set out for Tui, Spain, where they would begin the hike to Santiago de Compostela.  This route is part of an ancient pilgrim path called "the Camino PortugĂșes" which has been trod even by the likes of St Elizabeth of Portugal in the 14th century.

Included in the group is Fr Scott Giuliani, SOLT, Sr Maria Angelina Soto, SOLT, Sr Maria Veronica Xiquen, SOLT, and eight rugged youth that are affiliated with SOLT, and of course, a mom to make sure everyone drinks enough water.  Please continue to pray for these pilgrims and accompany them via internet as they make their way to see the Holy Father for World Youth Day.