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Monday, July 11, 2011

While we Wait for the American Ordinariate, SOLT Continues to Serve in the Anglican Use Liturgy for Anglicans and Episcopalians to Come Home to Catholic Communion

In 1994 the local bishop of Corpus Christi asked SOLT to provide a place for former Anglicans and Episcopalians to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church while being permitted to celebrate the Anglican Use Liturgy.   This liturgy is taken from a 16th century translation of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and resembles Ango-Catholic services.   It was established by Bl. Pope John Paul II in 1980 as a pastoral provision for Anglican and Episcopalian converts to maintain the pious and liturgical patrimony of their ecclesial communities.  Some characteristics of this liturgy are the eastward facing, or ad orientem, more bell ringing, stricter gender roles, use of the sanctuary rail, and a solemn high mass with the use of deacon and subdeacon.

You can find St Anselm of Canterbury Catholic Mission on the campus of Our Lady of Corpus Christi.  Fr Jean Hart, SOLT, is their chaplain and the Anglican Use Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 11am at the St Anselm's chapel.

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Our Lady of the Atonement Parish in San Antonio, Texas
is perhaps the mainstay of the Anglican Use Liturgy in the United States