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Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is a Consecrated Widow?

A consecrated widow lives in the image of Mary, Mother of the Church, who lived her own widowhood in prayer, intercession, and charity in serving the apostles.  A young priest said about them, "having a consecrated widow on your ecclesial team is like having a grandmotherly figure to pray for you and help with her counsel and support.  After having raised a family they usually are knowledgeable about the spiritual family of an ecclesial team."

There have been many ways of witnessing discipleship of the Lord Jesus since the beginning of the Church, among these was the witness of consecrated widowhood. The very Mother of the Lord, Mary Immaculate, after the Ascension of her Son, far from laying asside her spiritual motherhood, actually increased in her maternal care for the mystical Body of Christ, the Church. Consecrated Widows witness the maternity of Our Lady and her intercession for the Church.

A consecrated widow in SOLT lives a daily regimen of prayer and service to the Church.  They witness the presence of mature discipleship of Christ by attempting a close imitation of Our Lady.  In a special way they are dedicated to women who have been wounded by abortion, abuse, neglect, and other forms of sin.  They make promises of obedience, poverty and chastity according to this state of life that is renewable annually:

Poverty - simplifying her life and the need of worldly goods
Chastity - choosing not to marry for one year
Obedience - following the rule of life

Every SOLT Assembly there are usually some women who come forward for this commitment, which is witnessed by the whole community.  This year's profession will take place on July 15th at 5pm at the Our Lady of Corpus Christi Chapel.