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Sunday, July 17, 2011

SOLT Servant-Leaders Offering their Lives and Offices to Jesus Through Mary

General Councils of Priests, Sisters, and Laity, offering
their lives and offices to Jesus through Mary
It is not easy to lead in the Church today.  It is necessary to ask God for special help, wisdom, grace, and an insight into how to serve the people of our time, that the holiness of God may be manifested in the Church in a new way, yet in keeping with the timeless tradition of our faith.  For this reason, our SOLT superiors found themselves before Our Lady the our 53rd anniversary of our founding to pray for the necessary graces to lead our community with wisdom, courage, and generous discipleship to bring forth a harvest of holiness, love, and truth.

Our prayers go with you.  May you lead the SOLT community into the green pastures of sanctity, communion, and peace.