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Friday, July 8, 2011

Preaching Peace in Papua New Guinea

Fr Peter Ripa at his Thanksgiving Mass outside Mount Hagen Cathedral

Fr Rally Gonzalez, SOLT, Fr Felino Bugauisan, SOLT, and Fr Peter Ripa, SOLT, continue to serve in Papua New Guinea amidst tribal violence and animosity.  "It takes a special kind of heart to serve there.  You have to really love the people with a love that casts out fear, fear from violence, ruffians, and getting caught in between the tribal arguments," said Sr Mabel Inaje, SOLT, a former missionary in Papua New Guinea for 13 years before returning home for medical reasons.

The mission was started by Fr Tom Gier, SOLT who died just a few years ago.  Besides bringing a peace agreement to a longtime hotspot for tribal warfare, he is personally responsible for inspiring the first native vocations of Fr Peter Ripa, SOLT and Fr Simon Paglau, SOLT.

The sisters have a very active apostolate as well.  Besides the daily needs of the parishes of catechesis, teaching children, they have also been involved in the media apostolate of Radio Maria, counseling women, and the ministry of peace and reconciliation.

At present, they are building a new center of formation for forming people in discipleship, improving the sister's convent, and repairing the parish.  To find out more click here.

Sisters placing new tile in their convent