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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Using the Media to Proclaim the Gospel in Belize

National Catholic Media Center in Belize
Work crew of Radio Tower at the tallest mountain of
Belize, 3000 ft up in the center of the country.  Here
they hope to reach the entire country with radio
broadcast with a relevant message for youth.

Thanks to prayers and support, the National Catholic Media Center project continues to move forward. 
John Marhevka pouring water
for construction
It is important to realize the scope of the project and what all it entails. This is much more than a radio station coming out of Divine Mercy Church. Involving all parishes and missions in Belize, this is a complete Center for the “New Evangelization,” that Blessed Pope John Paul II frequently spoke about. It will be staffed with a fully-trained media team to provide LIVE programming and shows and to evangelize utilizing many other aspects of media, for as the Pope asserted, "evangelization can be new in its ardor, methods and expression." In this high-tech and fast-paced age of Satellite Radio and TV, Podcasts, Facebook, and the like, it is hard to keep up with, much less maintain the attention of our modern day individual. We’re not looking to merely play Christian music and pre-recorded shows from U.S. based EWTN, which only the faithful Belizean Catholic will tune in to. Our National Catholic Media Center aims to adapt to the Belizean people of today...

"The new evangelization," according to John Paul II, "is not a matter of merely passing on doctrine but rather of a personal and profound meeting with the Savior." How can we accomplish that by merely playing music and pre-recorded shows? We cannot. We need to be thoroughly prepared and have everything in place before we hit the airwaves with our message, and when we do, we will set this nation on fire!

Workers finishing up
the tallest Radio Tower
We are very pleased to be moving ahead with the building that will be home to: (1) our National Catholic Radio with dual studios for English and Spanish programming; (2) a Catholic Book Ministry that will carry not only a full supply of Catholic Books for every age end every subject of the faith, but also religious statues and pictures, CD’s, DVD’s and more to help inform teach and evangelize the people of Belize; (3) a secure parking garage to house our mobile broadcast equipment that will allow us to have remote Broadcasts in different areas of the country like youth concerts and other special events; (4) our nation’s first 24-hour Adoration Chapel, which will only be surpassed in beauty by the ever-present Lord, who will be perpetually adored and praised, specifically for the intention of converting and transforming the hearts and minds being reached out to around-the-clock through our media ministry;  (5) an internet evangelization room; (6) an area for future television and video production; (7) a few rooms to house volunteer missionaries, who are experts that will be coming from abroad to train our personnel and help run daily operations. 

From John Marhevka, project manager and founder

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