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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SOLT Chapter Coming Up July 4-23

THEME: "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity"

What is a General Chapter?

members deliberating
Monks of old would gather together to discuss their observance of a particular chapter in the book of their rule of life. They called this a chapter. When they had many monasteries together to discuss this they called it a general chapter. This name is still used today. A religious community will gather its members together from around the world to discuss how they can better live the gift of their community life. SOLT has a chpater congregated every 5 years. This year is the 5th Ordinary General Chapter.Only canonical members may attend the deliberations.

General Chapter - Elections and Deliberations

Fr Ogie
The first major purpose for the General Chapter is to elect new leaders: General Priest Servant and his council, General Sister Servant and her council, and General Lay Servant and his council.

The second major purpose will be "the creation and formulation of administrative policies on Governance and Administration, on Ecclesial Teams and on our Missionary Endeavors.

Chapter Prayer: Father, we recognize that all favors we have received come through your generosity, turn your gaze upon our community which is preparing to celebrate (once the chapter begins: which is celebrating) the 5th Ordinary Chapter; grant to all delegates the gift of clear understanding and wisdom, so that the outcome of their work give you honor and glory.