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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SOLT Assembly - A Spiritual Family Reunion

Rachel Craig

A SOLT Assembly is just like a big family reunion to me.  There’s your heroes whom you have always wanted to be like.  There’s the equivalents of old aunts who comment on what a cute baby you were (literally, for me; I was born in a SOLT community eighteen years ago!).  There’s your ‘cousins’ with whom you spend a lot of time just laughing and reminiscing.  And in reality, at an Assembly, everyone is related!  If not physically, then truly spiritually, that is.  Daily community Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and Rosary reminds every individual that they are a solid whole: Christ.  Cool, right?  But then again, just as a family reunion is not a retreat, neither is an Assembly.  In fact, one of my specifically favorite Assembly memories was sneaking out one night with a little group for ice cream…  As a matter of fact, the Assembly is the one time of year that I smile so consistently, re-connecting with my ‘relatives’, that my cheeks literally ache afterward.  And so… this is what an Assembly means to me.  And if you don’t understand why such a family reunion would be so special, well, come see for yourself!

Ave Maria! 

Rachel Craig is a the daughter of Steve and Anne Craig who have been a family in SOLT especially dedicated to the family life apostolate.  They are resource speakers for the diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, on Natural Family Planning, pregnancy & breastfeeding, and other pro-life issues.

The Craig family when they went through Ecclesial Team Formation