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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary Immaculate

As part of our formation, we consecrate ourselves formally to the Trinity through Our Lady, and we live that consecration throughout our lives in the Society of Our Lady.  We place everything in her hands with confidence, knowing that She is our Queen and our Mother.  All we have is hers, and all She has is ours.  Our consecration to Her deeply unites us to Christ, our Redeemer, in his consecration to our Heavenly Father.

St Louis Marie De Montfort has formulated perhaps the most clear devotion and adoration of Jesus Christ, that is, to love him and gift ourselves to him through Mary, with her spirit, with her Immaculate Heart. In his book, True Devotion to Mary, he shows that proper devotion to the Mother of God only makes one more Christ centered.

He made a 33 day preparation for this act of consecration, which SOLT members undergo as initial formation and above all, as the very basis for our life of communion with the Blessed Trinity and our fulcrum of graced friendship and communion in the Church. Formally, we renew this consecration anually, yet with intimate love and thanksgiving, we renew it frequently, especially on Our Lady's Feasts.

We have recently published a new page to help share the riches of this consecration with you:

May Our Lady's intercession bring about the fruitfulness of this consecration and adoration of Jesus Christ through Mary for the conversion of the world and the glory of God.