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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First SOLT Papua New Guinnean Native Priest

Fr Peter Ripa, SOLT, one of the two first native vocations from our Papua New Guinea mission will be sent to serve in the Highlands of his home country.   May 11th he will begin his new assignment in his home Archdiocese of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea.  Fr Peter was ordained in 2008, and has been a formator in SOLT college seminary in Naga City, Philippines.

Fr Peter is an intrepid witness of the Resurrection of the Lord.  These are the words from an Easter homily this year:

"Let us make Christ present and alive in our lives daily, so that those who have less faith, lukewarm faith, nominal faith, minimal faith, may see the Risen Christ in us as a living witness. Like St. Peter in the first reading this Easter Sunday, strive and be eager to show to our brothers and sisters what you know, feel, touch, hear, see, and experience about Jesus in your life.  We will never help or touch others' life unless we live day by day in our life.

Fr Peter Ripa, the son of a
chieftan, dons his traditional
dressbefore his ordination
to Sacred Priesthood.
In our world today, which is now torn by war, anarchy, doubt, seeking false hope offered by the material world, injustice, hatred, anger, corruptions, graft, and so many evils in this world, let us shine out the Risen light of Christ to those who are in darkness. Although we might be one, two, three or merely a few, let us not forget the promise of Christ: "I will be you until the end of time" (Mt 28:18-20) . The Risen Christ will never tell a lie to us and He will Never let you and me down, so be a witness to others without fear or doubt. Jesus is the only answer to so many problems created by mankind. He put his humanity and ours to the Cross of Calvary, and won for us an unfading glory, life, and a crown forever in eternity with him in his Divine nature. If Christ is the one who died and rose for us, why not we die and live for Christ, and for other? He is our only source and savior of life."

Please pray for Fr Peter as he prepares to embrace the challenge of preaching the Risen Lord to his own people of Papua New Guinea.